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The post continues with more details about writer’s experience and qualifications. Lately, I’ve also discovered my enjoyment for teaching what I’ve learned. I started an Instagram account to connect with other calligraphers and share my work. But the real push came when I started writing posts about calligraphy on my personal blog. Every time I posted a new article, people from all over the world would leave heartwarming comments and ask questions; they wanted to know more! From there, it was natural step to start helping people with their own calligraphy projects (I love to draw custom illustrations too so if that’s your thing, get in touch).

Do you want to learn and improve calligraphy skills & your hand lettering ?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Calligraphy Buddy is meant to be the most inspirational website for anybody who loves or wants to learn calligraphy and lettering.

Calligraphy Buddy is an online community that provides educational and inspirational content for calligraphy art for beginner and hand lettering. ​Our mission is to help artists and enthusiasts from all around the world to learn and improve their calligraphy skills and hand lettering.

What kind of content will you find on this website?

The content on this website is predominantly hand lettering and calligraphy. However, we love to explore all facets of lettering and have a great collection of inspirational quotes, coloring pages, typography lessons, design hacks, and doodle tutorials.

Books: I write books for the hand lettering & calligraphy world. They’re generally released in PDF format, so you can download them and take your newfound knowledge with you anywhere that you want to go.


Step-by-step tutorials for both calligraphy & hand lettering.


I review pens, markers, brushes, papers, books, tools and more!


Articles that will help you improve your hand lettering & calligraphy skills.


Interviewing some of the best hand lettering & calligraphy artists from all around the world.

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Who is behind Calligraphy Buddy ?

Well, hello there!

Hello crafty friends of mine! I’m Marge Howell – mama to the most incredible little human around, graphic designer, hand letterer, and creator of June & Lucy. I love the 4 C’s in my life: cats, coffee, couches, and cooking, and as you can tell from my Instagram captions, I think I am much funnier than I probably am.

Got any questions, suggestions, proposals?

I have put a lot of time and effort into my posts and tutorials, so it is really nice if you can let me know that they have been useful to you. A few simple words is all it takes.

Got any questions, suggestions, proposals? Please do not hesitate to contact me! I will be happy to discuss them with you. Thank you for stopping by, and good luck with your creative endeavors.

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